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Danceartists Ballet Academy Ballet Training Programs  

Danceartists Ballet Program Age 4 Little Dancer

Danceartists  Ballet Program ages  5-6 Little Dancer

Danceartists Ballet Program Ages 6-7-8 Junior Dancer

Danceartists Pre-Intermediate Junior Dancer's Ballet Program ages 9-11 

Danceartists Intermediate Dancer's Pre- Professional Ballet Program Ages 12 and up

Danceartists Pre-Professional Advanced Ballet Program Age 14 and up

Danceartists Private Coaching available our registered students.

2021/22 Registration Forms 

 We accept up to 40 students per year in our  Limited size In- Person and Virtual Classes. 

contact: [email protected]

Danceartists School Uniform supplier is Revival Dancewear Store contact them directly at [email protected] 

Please note  that due to Covid protocols, Danceartists has no drop in classes available for 2021/22 

 [email protected]

No audition required for students aged 4 to 10

phone- 508-925-4112