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Welcome to Danceartists Ballet Academy! 

Pre-Professional Ballet School

Phone 508-925-4112  and 917-261-8802

 We are a Royal Academy of Dance registered Dance Academy  teaching the International benchmark University Accredited Dance Programs.

Our Dance Programs offer enthusiasm driven  cutting edge training in a happy, non competitive learning environment.

Ballet training for children age 4 to Adult directed by Royal Academy of Dance and Vaganova Teacher Joanna Duncan RTS ARAD Solo Seal

Member of the International Dance Council CID, UNESCO, Paris.

We care about the safety and happiness of our students and their families and offer our exceptional training programs by professional qualified faculty in a positive studio environment which fosters self confidence and a work ethic founded on happiness.  

Our class sizes are small to ensure that each student receives individual attention in their training whilst maintaining Social Distancing. Our large Studio with wifi  is equipped with state of the art Marley Sprung Floor System,  Full Length Wall mounted Mirrors, barres, Remote Control Sound and Computer Systems, Large Visual Display Screen,  Virtual Studio, wall mounted  and hands free sanitizer and temperature stations and IQ Air Filtration purifiers. Social Distancing markers are used in all areas of our studios premises. 

Our Training Programs include:

Royal Academy of Dance Ballet for Children aged 4 to Adult,  Vaganova Specialist Coaching Program in Classical Ballet, Contemporary Ballet, Neo Classical, Character, Limber Conditioning, Choreographic Composition,  Jazz, Bio-mechanics of Dance, Theory of Dance, Repertoire, Pas de Deux, Stage production including Music as applied to Dance, Visual Projection, Costume construction, non competitive professional level Performance opportunities and YAGP to interested Private Coaching Students.

Private Coaching Lessons available. 

Danceartists is one of only a handful of prestigious Ballet Schools in the world to have students qualify for the International Genee Awards/ Fonteyn Awards 3 years in a row.

Danceartists also offers:

The CID International Certification of Dance Studies 

Royal Academy of Dance Examinations 

Vaganova Class Assessments

Community Stage Performances

Annual Stage Theatre Productions

Perform with Moscow Ballet Company Great Russian Nutcracker

Workshops and Summer Intensives

World Ballet Competition preparation

Teacher Training 

Movement as Metaphor Aerial Arts Program with the Hybrid Movement Company

Stage and film performance opportunities with Hybrid Movement Movement Company   

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Aerial Acrobatic & Yoga Intensive training Program 

Specialist Coaches  Françoise Voranger and  Nikki Ortiz 

[email protected]

Highly Recommended Invaluable training for Dancers of all ages.

Our  Enchanted Forest - 

What time is it little dandelion?

Our Enchanted Forest is a collaboration with Hybrid Movement Company   working together to bring the story of What time is it little Dandelion  ? to life.  

A huge "Thank you!"  to the brilliant team from Hybrid Movement Company led by Francoise Voranger, to our wonderful staff and faculty from Danceartists  

for an incredible weekend of creative art!

We can't wait to see the Book now in the next stage of development by Hybrid Movement Company!

'There is no limit to the imagination and our goal is to bring happiness '

Joanna Duncan ARAD RTS Solo Seal 

Danceartists Director


 "Joanna Duncan is a gifted, dedicated, experienced and passionate teacher that provides professional high standard training with an emphasis on artistry and technique. She has created a nurturing, non-competitive, positive environment where she brings out the best in her students and enables them to reach their true potential as artists and people. She goes above and beyond in every aspect of supporting her students, we are SO GRATEFUL for this caliber of training and the confidence and skill that has been developed under Joanna's guidance."

Betsy West - daughter Pearl Madnick, 2019 Genee Semi-Finalist Toronto Canada

"Joanna Duncan, and her ballet academy, are hidden gems. Rigorous, world-renowned training, in a healthy, positive, caring environment. For children and youth who love the artistry, expressiveness, and discipline of ballet, and thrive in a cooperative environment, there is no better learning and performing environment."

Maryann Davis, Ph.D.

Dept. of Psychiatry

University of Massachusetts Medical School

"Joanna Duncan is one of the best teachers I have ever come across in over 40 years of my taking class and teaching. Highly professional yet caring. As a movement educator myself, I cannot stress enough the import of the teacher understanding and being able to communicate to students proper bio-mechanics. Joanna combines this with the desire and ability to have students connect with their internal awareness and create movement patterns that are true to each individual and to the genre of study. The depth of Joanna's knowledge is unparalleled. She creates an atmosphere where students are supported, and are encouraged to explore. She offers them tools to grow as dancers, artists, and human beings. Whether you/your student aspire to be professional dancers or not, here is high- quality professional training for anyone who wants to focus and work hard. The skills you will learn will serve you in all aspects of your life."

Karen Michaels LMT, CZB, CET

Boston Conservatory of Music

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)

Field Of Study Dance

"Pristine training! It is the most incredible opportunity to learn from someone who has trained so many professional and famous dancers who have worked all over the world. Joanna Duncan is the real deal, providing an education to her students on an international level. The environment is so supportive and nurturing. Not only does DanceArtists Ballet Academy provide world-class ballet training, but true artistry is fostered here. At DanceArtists Ballet Academy, you won't find the pressure of competition like all the hobby schools. The focus is reaching your potential out of love for dance whether you want to go professional or not. Training at this studio is so rewarding with so many performance opportunities available to students. This is the only ballet studio I would ever recommend.  

My experience here as a student is one of the things in my life that I'm most grateful for." 

Nicole Marchand

Registered Nurse

"Wonderful instruction that motivates and instills discipline, focus, passion and drive in a nurturing environment ." Jessica Sadlier

Jessica Sadlier

University of California, Berkeley

M Arch, Architecture

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

BSAD Architecture 

Dedicated 150% to teaching the art of dance. If you are serious about your ballet career, willing to go the extra mile, then these are the teachers you need."

Julie-Ann Petterson 

"Absolutely wonderful training. Cultivates nothing short of excellence."

Galya Ponomareva

"Joanna is a gifted artist who has been true and unwavering to her craft all her life. She continues to be the creative spirit and provide guidance and proper technique for her students, schools and organizations that are fortunate to have her." 

Ruben de la Peña Artist/Designer 

"DanceArtists is not your conventional hobby dance school. You will not find a more passionate classical ballet teacher in Massachusetts. DanceArtists programs develop proper classical ballet technique, artistry and musicality. If you are looking for StarDance-type competitions, look elsewhere. The only person you are expected to compete here with is yourself. Push hard today, work harder and smarter tomorrow than you did yesterday. The instructions are passed to you through generations of principal dancers and talented teachers. Listen well, find that elusive body placement, don’t give in to shortcuts. Even if dance is not your chosen career path, you will be trained with all vigor the professional dancers receive, but you will need to be equally committed. We are and we LOVE it here!"

Anna Apgar

Society of Actuaries   

"One of the first things everyone notices about Joanna Duncan, Director at Danceartists, is her gentle smile. She is considered by her peers to be a natural born teacher. Children gravitate towards her because of her goodness. She is a Ballet teacher, a Choreographer, an Artist’s Manager, and more. Joanna cares, it is clear that she regards each child she teaches as an important individual...she instills confidence and her students gain wonderful standards because they are happy...we feel so very fortunate that our daughter had Joanna as her Ballet teacher for over 10 years ”

Lydia Shapiro– SSWR Dance Center

"Joanna is the best Classical Dance coach I have met in my career as a dancer. Not only have I, first hand, witnessed the growth of Joanna's students but I have had the honor of working with numerous professional dancers trained by her.

In a choreographic and rehearsal setting, Joanna is nothing but professional. Her attention to detail is superb and expects nothing but the best from her pupils. Each dancer is instilled with proper etiquette and decorum to ensure a successful and prosperous, professional career.

In addition, I have also has the pleasure of taking class with Joanna. I have never had such a gratifying and, may I say, challenging ballet class in my life! After class I was told by colleagues that I looked taller, and carried myself with more pride.

Joanna is nothing short of an amazing coach and just a wonderful human being! I always look forward to working with Joanna every chance I get."

Brandon Grimm- DIAVOLO: Architecture in Motion